Why Reconciliation With Cuba Is Necessary at THIS Time…

Not that I agree or disagree with the POTUS’ “Cuban Reconciliation Initiative” (that’s what I am calling it) but I do understand why it is necessary – especially in this the Age of Globalization.

There is one major reason why President Obama HAD to seek to reconcile with Cuba: China and its continued global expansion and global influence.

Imagine, if you would an “unfriendly” or non – allied Cuba in economic and political relationship with China – who is growing and expanding globally by leaps and bounds every other day. A country that is using money.resources and labor to assist “under – developed” and “developing” nations to grow their own respective economies and infrastructures.

Imagine Cuba as a “Chinese satellite” right off the coast of Florida. Sound familiar?

Seems that President Obama is a wise student of history.


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