Loretta Devine (“Gloria”) and Gregory Hines in Waiting To Exhale

“Then there is Gloria – The Hairdresser – who, while exactly like her BFF’s in their man/penis/relationship – centricism, is slightly dissimilar than her peers and is the one principal female character who has the most redeeming qualities and characteristics…”


Exhalin’: Myths and Rumors of Emancipated Female Utterances

Exhalin’: Myths and Rumors of Emancipated Female Utterances

Quite frankly, “Waiting To Exhale” (1995), Terry McMillian’s best-selling novel-turned-blockbuster movie was neither absolutely a “Black male bashing film” nor necessarily “pro-Black woman.” Actually, it was both pro-patriarchal and anti-womanist/feminist cinema at its best…..By Timothy Aaron-Styles c2009, 2011

Cast from Waiting To Exhale

Cast from Waiting To Exhale

Car/automobile as symbol for movement and progress? Or symbol for compartmentalization…”being stuck in the box” = containment or

Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale

Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale

Fire as liberating force……as symbol for purification and cleansing!

Story of a Three Day Pass poster

Story of a Three Day Pass poster

“La Permission” is the original French title